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Senate passes two constitutional amendments related to CAB and two related to Blue Key Committee; Final vote next week



The Student Government Association has seen many changes to its Constitution and bylaws this semester, more so than any other semester. This past SGA meeting on March 31 saw four new amendments that were reviewed by the legislative body of the SGA.

     All of them passed the two thirds vote needed by a hand vote. The SGA will vote on the four amendments again, needing a three fourths vote to pass and officially be implemented, at the April 7 SGA. Palis, parliamentarian, conducted all the motions. The first two amendments petitioned by Daniel Chamberlain, vice president of programming, added new powers to the programming position and proposed a certain criteria, from the Campus Activities Board constitution, that a student must follow in order to be elected as vice president of programming.

     The first amendment, regarding the powers of the vice president of programming, read, “3. Shall monitor and report all issues relevant to students in the area of the Campus Activities Board.” This will become letter E number 3 in article 5 section 3 of the SGA constitution pending next Tuesday.  Ariana Roche, representative-at-large, asked what the amendment was really regarding from the programming position.

     Chamberlain said the main point of the amendment was to update the language of the constitution because the vice president of programming was already doing, for the past couple of years, what was being said in the amendment. It passed with only one senator opposing it.

     The second amendment read, “9. The Vice President of Programming, in order to be elected, must meet all the criteria in the CAB constitution for general membership (Reference CAB Constitution Article 3 Section A).”

     The amendment passed unanimously and will be added to article 5 section 3 letter E of the SGA constitution pending next Tuesday.

     Palis moved on to the next two amendments that were petitioned by Evelyn Dina, legislative secretary. Dina’s amendments dealt with polices of the Blue Key Committee (BKC): appropriately reviewing nomination papers and the proper procedures of reviewing nominated senators for the blue key award.

     The first of the two amendments read, “The BKC shall convene to review all nomination papers and information provided no less than two times. No final decisions shall be made by the committee during this session: however, preliminary votes may be taken.”

     This amendment was passed unanimously and will be added to article 2 section 3, subsection B, number 2 of the SGA constitution pending next Tuesday.

     The second amendment read, “Any nominee that does not choose to respond to the Committee’s request of additional information within 10 business days upon receipt of notification, shall no longer be considered for the award and subsequently be disqualified.”

     Palis’s motion to pass the amendment was unanimously successful. Until Tuesday’s vote, it will be placed in article 2, section 3m subsection C, number 2 of the SGA Constitution.

     It will be interesting to see if a senator attacks any of the amendments in anyway next week. We saw this happen to the amendment presented by Joshua Clark, SGA vice president of student life, which prohibited any student who is a residence assistant to sit on the executive council. It passed the two-thirds vote and then failed the three-fourths vote the following week. All questions will be answered on April 7 at the next SGA meeting.

     The Student Government Association meets in the Peter D. Mazza Student Government Room on the garden level of Ely next to Dunkin’ Donuts.

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