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Boston batters take advantage of lackluster Phillies pitching staff in season opener with five home runs and an 8-0 victory



Monday, April 6th was the opening night of the 2015 Major League Baseball Season. The Red Sox played the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, where they absolutely crushed the Phillies in an 8-0 victory.  There were some very key notable plays that really drove the Red Sox, the first being Pedroia’s 1st at bat home run in the first. However this is not to say this was Pedroia’s only key at bat this game… he also hit another homer in the fifth.      

One of the most surprising/optimistic showings came from newly acquired shortstop Hanley Ramirez. Ramirez had a couple of hits as well during this game including his first homer of the game in the fifth and then a Grand Slam in the 9th. He was signed for a $88 million four year deal after becoming a free agent. I hope that Ramirez maintains this showing during the season, because he has left quite an impression on the recovering Phillies.      

On the Phillies bench, the MVP of the 2008 World Series, Cole Hamels has a lot to prove. The Phillies has put Hamels up for trading this season, and ironically enough it seems that the Red Sox were predicted to be the ones who would pick him up. After his performance today, I doubt the Sox will sacrifice any of their all-stars for this pitcher.        

Clay Buchholz has finally shown some promise after an entire year of mediocrity in 2014. Pinching seven innings and only allowing three hits, Clay may be our “Ace” in the current lineup.  There was even joking that Clay would be traded for Cole Hamels before the game, which after striking out 9 and only allowing a total of three hits would be a grievous mistake on the Sox management.        

The true test for the team will be how they handle the upcoming home opener against the Washington Nationals, who are predicted to be the powerhouse of the entire league this year. The Nats, who provided a rather disappointing opener against the Mets, fell short of victory for a 3-1 loss.      

The Sox have had a jump start with Pedroia’s recovery from his wrist surgery last season.  He had a pretty shaky ending, but he seems back to his same healthy self. However as of Wednesday April 8th, Pedroia has an official throwing error against him after four straight innings of crazy diving in their second game against the Phillies.        

However that being said, the Red Sox did fall to the Phillies in their second game on Wednesday night, fighting through a 2-4 loss. Despite a rough few innings the Red Sox were able to finally break the shutout being pitched by Aaron Harang.  Papelbon closed for the Phillies facing 5 batters and of the 5 striking out one. I hope this might just be a fluke, but only time will tell. 

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