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As I went back to my dorm room on Sunday April 12 my phone lit up and it made me stop dead in my tracks. Cortana – yes, because I have a windows phone – flashed news alert across my screen . . . Hillary Clinton had official announced her candidacy for the office of the President of the United States.

I was shocked, dumbfounded, and afraid. I could not possibly understand how or why Clinton decided to run. All I knew was that this was not good. My only regret was wishing there was some sort of warning that life was not going to be the same again.

I hope that the sarcasm was not lost on anyone, since you would have been living under a rock for the last four years if it were. Clinton who has been preparing and fundraising since her initial primary loss to President Obama in 2008. The super PAC, readyforhillary, has been fundraising and setting the groundwork for her “potential” run since it’s founding in 2013. The PAC has raised a couple million dollars in donations since it’s founding and has launched several new initiatives since Clinton’s announcement on Friday (the announcement of the announcement).  

It is time to cry havoc and unleash the “Hilldogs” of war.  The democratic front-runner has been the center of controversy in the last twenty-five years of her pubic life. From the scandals during her husband’s presidency to the newest set of scandals regarding Benghazi and “email gate.”

The news and media have always surrounded her career and public service and has provided both positive and negative light on her life. Though not to be denied her chance at the coveted office, Hillary made her official announcement on Sunday after a few days of simply telling the public to expect it.  

Clinton made her announcement via a video, which comes short of being the first official campaign ad of the season, much like her first run in 2007. The video attempts to establish Hillary as a “champion” for the American people. Unlike her last video, however, she is more positive and optimistic rather then spending her time sitting on a couch and talking about Bush, Iraq, and the economy. Now the real question is, how much is this going to affect her?

Essentially, she made her announcement on Sunday, right after Marco Rubio made his presidential announcement and President Obama’s meeting with Cuban President Raul Castro.

One question that I have regards the intent of her time of the announcement. It seems the campaign is attempting to push her announcement out of the spotlight and instead begin working on the key states, like Iowa and Ohio. One of Clinton’s first “policy” type issue as an official candidate officially endorsed gay marriage and encouraged the Supreme Court to follow suit nationally. In 2008, Clinton opposed gay marriages and instead threw her support to civil unions. Now she has said that gay marriage is a right afforded to citizens by the Constitution. Now seeing as she is a democrat, this should come to no surprise “logistically,” yet the same thing happened to President Obama just a few weeks ago.  

The question goes from “do you support gay marriage? “ to “do you think enough voters support gay marriage?” It seems kind of silly when you think about it. In 2014 she had a heated argument with NPR host Terry Gross where she walked a tightrope of saying marriage was a “matter left to the states,” and said nothing on a national level of recognition. Now she has come out in support of it.

With these flip-flopping issues and numerous scandals, I ask you a question: “Are you ready for Hillary?” Well, after this, I would say I am #notReady. 

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