Anatel authorized the use of 5G mobile internet in Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and João Pessoa as of this Friday (29).| Photo: Isac Nóbrega/Presidency of the Republic

THE National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) confirmed this Wednesday (27) that operators will be able to activate their 5G mobile internet networks in Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and João Pessoa starting this Friday (29). The date was defined by the Monitoring Group for the Implementation of Solutions for Interference Problems (Gaispi) in the range of 3,625 to 3,700 MHz.

The group is made up of representatives from Anatel, the Ministry of Communications and companies, including broadcasting companies affected by the project. The group will meet again on August 10, when the advisors will evaluate the release of the 5G signal in other capitals. The start of 5G operation in Belo Horizonte, João Pessoa and Porto Alegre was only possible after the adaptation of satellite receiving stations in these cities.

Gaispi followed 5G coexistence tests with satellite, and no interference was detected. All capitals must be able to receive 5G by August 29, informed Anatel. The three capitals are added to Brasília, where 5G was activated on July 6. Since then, according to Anatel’s advisers, coverage in the federal capital has been expanding rapidly, with network optimization following the schedule that establishes the maximum deadlines for companies to install new stations.

As in Brasília, the area served in the other three locations already authorized will be expanded little by little. “It is also important for the user to contact his operator to find out if his device is able to receive the signal or if it will be necessary to change the chip or make some other change”, recommended the president of Gaispi, Moisés Moreira. With information from Agência Brasil.