Bolsonaro vs Bankers? Why Pix entered the electoral debate

How did you feel about this matter?

– Why did Pix end up in the 2022 election debate?

*) Pix has already established itself as one of the main means of payment in the country. The format went live in November 2020 and was popular with Brazilians.

Superfast, with no fees for individuals or time restrictions, Pix saw its number of registered users jump 72% in the comparison between March 2021 and the same month in 2022.

There were more than 9.5 billion transactions last year and 9.7 billion in the first half of 2022 alone, with a movement that exceeds BRL 4.6 trillion.

In recent days, Pix has entered the electoral debate. The context involves the manifesto in favor of democracy, signed by bankers (among other several businessmen and personalities) and statements by the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro.

This episode of podcast 15 minutes talks about why Pix ended up in the electoral debate and rescues the history of this already popular means of payment.

The guest is Cristina Seciuk, from the Economics editorial team at Gazeta do Povo. She recently signed a report on this topic.

The 15 Minutes podcast is a space for discussion of important issues, always with analysis and the participation of the team of journalists from Gazeta do Povo. From Monday to Friday, in a light and dynamic way, with the duration that fits in the rush of your day. Presentation is by journalist Márcio Miranda.

Datasheet: ’15 minutes’, Gazeta do Povo news podcast #Presentation and script: Marcio Miranda; content direction: Rodrigo Fernandes; production team: Maria Eduarda Scroccaro mounting: Leonardo Bechtloff; distribution strategy: Marcus Ayres.

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