July 4, 2022

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My Hero Academia Chapter 353: Scans, Storylines, Summaries, And What To Expect!!

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My Hero Academia Chapter 353 was the most anticipated chapter of the current arc because of the cliffhanger in the previous chapter. Though it seemed like a matter of time before Dabi and Shoto’s final showdown, this chapter has finally come to an end.

Every scene in My Hero Academia 353 is dominated by the feud between the brothers. Endeavor’s response to his son’s argument will be revealed in the final chapter for readers to see. Class A’s final members are revealed, as well as a slew of new foes.

Kirishima And Dabi Fight Midnight’s Killer While Dabi Is Held By Kirishima And Dabi

He remembered Class A’s care and support as he read the previous chapter. With Phosphor’s help, he was able to accomplish his sole mission: stopping Dabi. One of two new attacks Shoto used on his brother, despite Dabi’s warnings that they couldn’t keep going down the same path as they had, was the “Great Glacial Aegir”. When he asked him to step down, his goal was to reassure him that the two could still work together.

My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Scans, Storylines, Summaries, And What To Expect!!

In the Kamino Ward of My Hero Academia Chapter 353, Shoto and Dabi appear to have been beaten and injured. Burnin has yanked Dabi from the fray, and he informs the ward as a whole of his decision. There are many heroes in the community who look up to Shoto and strive to emulate him. For the final battle against the names, they could face Dabi.

“Endeavor” is the chapter’s title in My Hero Academia.

Gashly and Kuneida, two previously unknown villains from Tartarus, are being compared to Nomus by some heroes after they managed to escape. Kamino Ward’s heroic forces appear to be more numerous than initially thought.

Even though he is injured, he apologizes to Lida for interfering with her engines by overusing Ice. The tears well up as he clings to his friend and tell him there is no debt between them. A sidekick is baffled as to how Dabi has survived all this time. Silver light shines on his breast as if he’s dozing off.

Burnin’s discoveries are made in the Command Center in My Hero Academia Chapter 353. According to All Might and Tsukauchi, the heroes are making progress after a difficult start. In the ruins of Jaku Hospital, where Gigantomachia revels in Shoto’s victory, the message is disseminated throughout the land by All Might. Ashido, Mineta, Kodai, Yanagi, and Honenuki are among the students present.

At Jaku Hospital, Command And Control Are In Place

A large number of heroes appear to have taken them completely by surprise, even though the attack was unexpected. Preparing for an attack by the PLF, the heroes dispersed their forces and set up camp in Gigantomachia. It’s like “That U.A. teacher” said about Midnight: they’ll stomp on the heroes like that.


It catches Mina’s eye right away. Kirishima follows her after she apologizes for the delay. They can now go to war without a second thought, according to his findings. Prepared for this exam by using the National Takoba Arena in Chapter 353 of MHA. Ojiro, Satou, and Sero are concerned about an antagonist who has yet to be identified.

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