country generated 278 thousand jobs in June 2022

Labor market generated 278,000 formal jobs in June
| Photo: Gilson Abreu/AEN

The job market generated 277,900 formal jobs in June, after dismissals, according to the Ministry of Labor and Welfare reported this Thursday (28).

The balance is 1.2% higher than in May (274.6 thousand, according to revised data) and 12.6% lower than in June 2021 (317.8 thousand), according to the New General Register of Employed and Unemployed ( New Caged).

As a result, the total number of formal employees in the country exceeded 42 million – more precisely, 42,013,146, according to the government.

The balance between hiring and layoffs in June was positive in all states and also in the five major economic sectors (trade; services; industry; construction; and agriculture, livestock, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture).

In the first semester, the country generated a total of 1.335 million formal jobs. The number is 9.7% lower than the same period in 2021.

The average real salary for hiring was R$ 1,922.77 in June, 0.7% above that recorded in the previous month (R$ 1,909.78, already adjusted for inflation). However, it was 5.1% below the average salary in June 2021 (R$ 2,026.10, in corrected values).

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