July 4, 2022

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Frank Langella Is Fired By Netflix!! More Information About Alleged Inappropriate Behavior On The Netflix Set

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One of the biggest shake-ups in the output was caused by Frank Langella’s departure from Netflix’s production of “The Fall of the House of Usher.” The 84-year-old actor was fired from the show created by Mike Flanagan after an investigation into complaints of improper conduct on set.

When the streamer revealed that they had fired the employee, they only provided a few specifics about the employee’s actions. Another story appears to have shed some light on the situation at hand, at least in theory.

Who Is Frank Langella? Details About The Inappropriate Behavior On The Netflix Set

When Frank Langella was let go from the limited series, he penned a lengthy piece. The “cancel culture” that is so prevalent in today’s society was criticized as he gave his side of the story. “Off-color jokes” and “baby and honey” referred to specific individuals were among the things Langella mentioned in the interview.

Frank Langella Is Fired By Netflix!! More Information About Alleged Inappropriate Behavior On The Netflix Set

Among his other claims was that he was capable of making an “off-color joke.” Since then, Deadline has spoken to some of the crew members involved in the project, and one of them described the celebrity’s jokes as “crass.”

There were “problems right out of the gate with really improper statements,” and the actor allegedly made comments that were either “very sexual in nature” or “graphic and sexist,” a second source has claimed. When the actor Frank Langella‘s dismissal was first reported, it was because of a scene he had with a younger actress. The dismissal is based on the fact that he stroked the leg of a young woman during a love scene. The intimacy coordinator failed to stop this action from making her upset.

Why He Was Fired From The Netflix Set?

It has been reported that Frank Langella interrogated employees about their “sexual encounters,” as well. The article also mentions some other jokes that he is said to have told that were deemed inappropriate by his coworkers. According to reports, Netflix asked him to change his behavior on set, but he apparently invoked “cancel culture” when referring to those who tried to correct him, calling them “too uptight and woke.” Netflix is said to have asked him to change his behavior. Mike Flanagan, the show’s streamer and creator, said nothing about the story.

It was decided to reshoot the scenes featuring Frank Langella as Roderick Usher so that Bruce Greenwood from The Resident could fill in for Langella. Even though Edgar Allan Poe’s adaptation of “The Haunting of Hill House” is significantly different from Mike Flanagan’s prior work, Greenwood has previously collaborated with Flanagan on the production of the film. It’s not clear if Mr. Langella will respond to the controversy any further.


You’ll have to sign up for Netflix if you want to watch The Fall of the House of Usher as soon as it’s available on the streaming service.

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