Fux asks for respect in the elections. STF judges change in the Misconduct Law

During the opening of the second semester of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), this Monday (1st), the President of the Court, Minister Luiz Fux, defended the Brazilian electoral system. For him, it is one of the “most efficient, reliable and modern in the world”. Fux also made an appeal for respect and peace in the elections, so that they “are marked by institutional stability and tolerance”. The president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Edson Fachin, said that questioning the election is defending “one’s own interest. See what else the minister said.

Adherence to manifests. In recent days, there has been an increase in the number of letters in defense of democracy and individual freedoms. While the letter from the USP Law School surpassed 640 thousand subscribers, the manifesto of right-wing lawyers registered more than 705 thousand signatures.

Misconduct Law. It is scheduled for next Wednesday (3), in the STF, the trial of an action related to the new Law of Administrative Improbity. The objective is to define whether the rules can be retroactive and benefit condemned managers. understand the discussion.

Politics, Economy and the World

elections and economy. Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) has already exposed some of his proposals to change the tax model in the country. Know what they are. Also check which economic indicators and facts can help in the re-election of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

crisis in Argentina. Argentina’s vice president Cristina Kirchner and her husband, Néstor Kirchner, were accused by the prosecution of create “an authentic system of corruption”. The debt of the government of Alberto Fernández is already equivalent to 80% of the funds the country received from the IMF.

spin around the world. The United States announced the death of Ayman al Zawhiri, Al Qaeda leader and one of the architects of 9/11. A member of a paramilitary group was the first person convicted of the Capitol attack last year.

Opinion of the Gazette

Pay attention to public accounts. What positive changes in the expectations of economic indicators bring in relation to 2022 are becoming a matter of increasing concern for 2023. The federal government, financial market institutions and the IMF are forecasting that Brazil will grow more than initially estimated this year. year, and that inflation, although still quite high, will be lower than expected. Here’s an excerpt from the Gazette’s opinion:

Minister Paulo Guedes can freely say that “the fiscal is strong”, but the truth is that the spendthrift side, whether in the Executive or the Legislative, has been winning all the recent arm wrestling, contracting present and future expenses, many of them on a permanent basis.

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What else do you need to know today

gender ideology. NGO creates campaign to pressure STF to resume trial of bathrooms for transsexuals

“Turbocharged” Aids. Everything you need to know about paying temporary government benefits

Legislation. Daniella Perez: Why Brazil is so lenient on crimes against life

Health. Liver cancer is neglected by more than half of Brazilians

Columns and articles

The government of the worst. Do you know the term kakistocracy? For it means “the government of the worst.” In an article, Dan Sanchez, from the Foundation for Economic Education, explains why, in his view, the United States appears to be currently following this model.

JR Guzzo show what Lula will do to Brazilian agribusiness, at the request of the MST.

Bruna Frascolla explains how it’s easy to speak out against censorship when we’re about a cultural legacy formed with it.

to inspire

Help for the homeless. One of the groups that suffered the most from the Covid-19 pandemic was the homeless population. The danger of contagion led several aid projects to interrupt activities, but not Bem da Madrugada. See how he performed in that period.

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