Government increases total budget blockade to R$ 14.8 billion this year

Ministry of Economy
Facade of the Ministry of Economy on the Esplanada dos Ministérios.| Photo: Geraldo Magela/Agência Senado

The federal government announced on Friday night (29) that the total budget blockade since January reached R$ 14.84 billion. The value is R$ 2.1 billion higher than the value reported by the Ministry of Economy last week. According to the government, this increase in the blockade is related to “discretionary expenses considered unavoidable and relevant”.

According to the ministry, of the new total contingent this year, R$ 8.08 billion refers to parliamentary amendments, including amendments by the rapporteur. In relation to the rapporteur and commission amendments, the total allocation fell from R$ 17.165 billion (amount approved in the Budget) to R$ 9.081 billion, a difference of R$ 8.084 billion. The ministries most affected by the cuts were Health and Education, with blockages of BRL 2.77 billion and BRL 1.68 billion in the year, respectively.

The Special Secretariat for the Treasury and Budget released a spreadsheet detailing the contingency by ministries and federal agencies, but the values ​​only refer to the total blockade for the year, without detailing the contingency of last week. In addition, the contingency of the rapporteur’s and commission’s amendments did not appear detailed by organs, on the grounds that several organs have funds from these amendments, and the value of the allocation of each of them can still undergo some adjustments. With information from Agência Brasil.

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