Government projects surplus in 2022. PT and PL define strategies

The federal government was optimistic about the result of public accounts for 2022. This Monday (25) the special secretary of the Treasury and Budget of the Ministry of Economy, Esteves Colnago, indicated a forecast of a fiscal deficit “close to zero” and even even the first surplus in eight years. See what the secretary says. On the other hand, the Union disbursed more than R$ 4 billion in the first semester to pay off arrears of state debts. Understand what led to this situation.

PT Strategies. Ipespe released this Monday a new poll on the presidential race. To try to contain the growth of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), the PT and former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva outline strategies. Know what they are.

More votes. The political coordination of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) pays special attention to the states with the highest number of voters. See what is being planned to increase votes in these regions.

Politics, Economy and the World

Covid’s CPI. The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) requested that the Federal Supreme Court (STF) file part of the actions against Bolsonaro and allies resulting from the Covid CPI. To the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), the PL said that the president’s meeting with ambassadors last week was an act of government.

Brazil aid. The federal government announced the date for payment of the first two installments of the aid of R$ 1,000 for self-employed truck drivers. It was also reported that the amount of Auxílio Brasil for 2023, foreseen in the budget, should be R$ 400.

spin around the world. Opposition deputies presented a request for a political trial against Argentine President Alberto Fernández. Pope Francis made a apology to indigenous canadians. and understand if it is a good deal for Croatia to enter the eurozone.

Opinion of the Gazette

Subsidiarity, “minimal state” and interventionism. It is necessary and useful for politicians, authorities and society to, from time to time, reflect on what the government is for, what functions it should maintain, which it should eliminate and eventually what new tasks it should be assigned. Here’s an excerpt from the Gazette’s opinion:

The reflection on the submission of the State, the government, bureaucrats and politicians to their role as instruments of society and to the greater objective of the search for the common good leads to questions and helps to improve the state apparatus and government.

Read the full editorial

What else do you need to know today

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Columns and articles

disastrous decriminalization. In 2020, the US state of Oregon became the first to decriminalize drug possession, including some hard drugs. An article by Thomas Hogan of the City Journal shows how this decision is proving disastrous.

JR Guzzo shows that Brazil has never had a candidate who defended so much those who commit crimes.

Guilherme Fiuza reveals who are and how do the militias of kindness act.

to inspire

Award-winning luxury hotel. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Serra Gaúcha, the municipality of Canela is home to the luxury hotel Laje de Pedra. Revitalized at a cost of R$ 500 million, the project has now been awarded internationally. Meet the project.

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