Guatemalan president emerges unscathed from shooting in northwest country

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Alejandro Giammattei, President of Guatemala
Alejandro Giammattei, President of Guatemala, visiting Ukraine on July 25, 2022.| Photo: EFE / EPA / SERGEY DOLZHENKO

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei was unharmed on Saturday from a shooting attack on his entourage while traveling through a village in the northwestern department of Huehuetenango, a local broadcaster reported. The radio added that “there are wounded, but President Alejandro Giammattei is unharmed and safe”.

The Presidency has not yet provided further details on this fact. Journalists from the state news agency who accompanied the president on this work trip explained that they are doing well and are returning to the capital.

“Everything is fine and we went to the first activity,” said journalist Brenda Larios, who accompanied the president in La Laguna.

There, Giammattei and his Minister of Agriculture, José Ángel López, participated in an activity to encourage small producers and entrepreneurs to promote their products and sell them.

“Local products are being promoted in Huehuetenango, to support the small producer,” said the president, according to the official agency.

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