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New York Joins A Growing Number Of States Attempting To Provide Relief

To provide motorists with some relief at the pump because gas prices continue to hover close to record highs, New York has become the most recent state to suspend its gas tax.  Millions of people in the United States are getting excited to go on vacation this summer due to the pandemic of the coronavirus that occurred a few years ago and caused a significant drop in tourism. 

New York Joins States Trying To Reduce Gas Prices

The American Automobile Association anticipated that 39.2 million people would take the road over the Memorial Day vacation weekend, which increased over the previous year but is still below the levels seen before the pandemic.

This decision was made in the ongoing push to ban Russian oil imports into the bloc. Before the invasion, gas prices were climbing due to increased demand and the loosening of restrictions caused by the outbreak. People predict that the action will swiftly force prices down, but several intricacies could prevent that from happening. However, these complexities are probably stopping oil prices from bursting or climbing much more rapidly, according to what De Haan indicated.

According to the American Petroleum Institute data, the average amount of state gas tax and surcharges for this year was 38.69 cents. Several states have already eliminated or lowered their gas taxes, which is excellent news for consumers in those states.

Because of this, the price of gasoline goes up as soon as the limits are eased and tax collection can resume in full force.

Even if it were possible to reduce the price of gasoline by temporarily suspending state gas taxes, the Tax Foundation anticipated that this would not be the most effective method of tax relief.

In the following states, the gasoline tax has been eliminated:

New York

In April, Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, announced that the state would lower taxes on gasoline and diesel as part of the state budget. Between June 1 and December 31, the suspension of the 16-cent per gallon gas tax will be in force. In addition, officials from the state were encouraging their counterparts on the ground to behave in the same manner. 


This bill has the backing of Governor Ted Lamont. Around the middle of March, Governor Lamont provided an estimate that the cost of the tax drop would be $90 million.


 In the state, the price of a gallon of gasoline is 29.1 cents, and the cost of a gallon of diesel is 32.6 cents. The suspension, which was in place until May 31, 2022, impacted a variety of fuels, including gasoline, diesel, and liquid propane gas.


On March 18, Maryland became the first state to stop collecting its gasoline tax, making it the first state overall to do so. As a result of the emergency legislation passed and subsequently signed into law by President Barack Obama, the taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel have been delayed for thirty days. At first, the state estimated that the transfer would cost a total of one hundred million dollars.

Other state action

Other states have also proposed and taken steps to defer gas tax increases, and it is anticipated that this trend will continue in the foreseeable future.  Legislators from the state are currently looking through the measure.

The budget that the governor of Florida passed earlier this year contains a break from the payment of the gas tax for one month in the fall of 2019. As a direct result of the new legislation, the state’s gas tax rate of 25.3 cents per gallon will be decreased beginning on October 1 and continuing through October 31. According to the state, consumers would save two hundred million dollars.

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