Petro defends “multicolored” democracy in Colombia

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When Chávez came to power, Venezuelans said that their country was not Cuba. Likewise, Colombians today say that Colombia is not Venezuela.
This Sunday (07), Petro and the elected vice president, Francia Márquez, will take office| Photo: EFE/Mauricio Dueñas Castaneda

The president-elect of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, promised this Saturday (06), in Bogotá, to build a “new democracy” that is “multicolored”, in which social movements will cooperate.

The future president also spoke of “summoning” popular organizations to unite in the face of “this plurality, this multiculturalism and this multicolored spectrum that must be the popular organization”.

The elected head of government participated in a “popular and spiritual” swearing-in ceremony in front of around 1,000 people, most of them of indigenous origin, blacks and rural workers from Colombia.

Petro also spoke about the meaning of the term “mandatário”, widely used in the Spanish language, which refers to the person who has a mandate, not who is in charge.

“And who determines the mandate? The people,” said the president-elect. This Sunday (07), Petro and the vice president-elect, Francia Márquez, will take office to assume the first left-wing government in the history of Colombia.

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