Petrobras announces reduction in the price of kerosene and aviation gasoline

Petrobras announced a reduction of 2.6% in the average sale price of aviation kerosene (QAV), of 5.7% in the average price of aviation gasoline (GAV) and of 4.5% in the average price of asphalt for distributors. The new prices start to take effect this Monday (1st). The company explained that aviation fuel price adjustments are monthly and defined through a contractual formula negotiated with the distributors. Petrobras sells kerosene and aviation gasoline produced in its refineries or imported only to distributors. Regarding the asphalt binder market, prices are subject to monthly readjustments, as provided for in the contracts with asphalt distributors. Petrobras also reduced the average sale price of gasoline to distributors from R$3.86 to R$3.71 per liter. The drop is R$ 0.15 per liter.

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) recommended that WhatsApp postpone the implementation of the “Comunidades” feature to January 2023 in Brazil. The MPF’s concern is that the tool will start working during the electoral period and, according to the organ, will contribute to fake news, fake news, going viral on social networks. The functionality will allow the integration of WhatsApp groups in spaces of common interest – the “Communities”. The MPF gave a period of 20 days for WhatsApp to inform whether or not it will comply with the recommendation on the launch of the new feature. If the platform decides not to accept it, the agency promises to go to court to prevent the functionality from being activated during the elections. For the MPF, this could “jeopardize the democratic stability of the country” as the administrators of the “Communities” will be able to send messages “to all the thousands of members of the groups, at once. Such a feature, depending on how it will be used after it is implemented, could increase the ability of people to viralize content through the application”.

The London High Court ruled in favor of the board of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) that was appointed by Juan Guaidó, leader opposed to the regime of dictator Nicolás Maduro, in the case of the dispute over the control of Venezuelan gold deposited in the Bank of England.. After a four-day trial, which ended on July 18, the judge from the commercial division of the court ruled that she could not uphold the decisions of the Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela (TSJ) that annulled Guaidó’s appointments to that council, since there is no legal basis in the UK to do so. However, the judge did not authorize opponents to access the reservations – a decision will be determined at another hearing – despite the fact that the council formed by them is considered valid and Guaidó is recognized by the UK government as the only legitimate president of Venezuela, in interim character. The bank’s board appointed by Nicolás Maduro, which is vying for control of the gold with the opposition leadership, said it was considering appealing the decision.

The Kremlin expressed solidarity with China over Taiwan, after the matter was raised in a virtual conversation between the Chinese dictator and US President Joe Biden.. In the conversation, the Chinese leader urged the US to respect the one-China principle. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said he hoped there would be no “provocations” capable of aggravating the situation around Taiwan. On a visit to the capital of Uzbekistan, Lavrov assured that Russia “has no objection” to China defending its sovereignty.

THE Paulo Polzonoff’s opinionwhich states that there is no problem in the world that a hoe cannot solve.

And finally, the highlight Always Family: emotional control helps to distinguish hunger from the desire to eat. Who never waited for the weekend to arrive, after a tiring week, to “put their foot in the jackfruit” in some rotation to de-stress? Or resorted to a sweet to comfort some momentary sadness? As long as it doesn’t become frequent and the person doesn’t realize they’re eating out of emotion or out of control, this wouldn’t be a problem, as many believe. However, when someone gets used to eating as a mechanism to deal with, reduce, escape or distract themselves from negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety, stress, boredom, the warning signal must be lit, says the psychiatrist heard by our report.

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