Petrobras discusses changes in fuel price policy

Petrobras may announce changes in pricing policy| Photo: Antonio Lacerda/EFE

Petrobras’ Board of Directors will meet this Wednesday (27) to discuss issues related to a possible change in the company’s pricing policy. Currently, the value of fuels in Brazil varies according to the price of oil practiced in the international market. But the federal government demands the adoption of measures that can further reduce what is charged from Brazilians – especially with the proximity of the elections. The information is from the newspaper. The globe.

The reduction in the price of diesel at refineries and the anticipation of the dividend payment to Petrobras shareholders are also on the agenda for the meeting, according to the newspaper.

Another change that will be discussed concerns who sets fuel prices at the company. A possible proposal would be that the decisions are no longer taken by the company’s board of directors and become the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

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