Public accounts close May with a deficit of R$ 33 billion, informs BC

public Accounts
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At public sector accounts consolidated, formed by the federal government, states, municipalities and state-owned companies, registered a primary deficit of R$ 33 billion in May this year. The information, released this Friday (29) by the central bank (BC), show that the negative balance was greater than that recorded in May last year, when the accounts closed with a deficit of R$ 15.5 billion.

According to the Fiscal Statistics report, the result is due to a deficit in the Central Government and state-owned companies, in the order of R$ 40 billion and R$ 307 million, respectively. The regional governments registered a surplus of R$ 7.3 billion in the month.

The document also informs that, in the 12 months ended in May, the primary surplus of the consolidated public sector reached R$ 119.9 billion, equivalent to 1.32% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The primary result is made up of revenues minus expenditures, without considering the payment of interest on the public debt.

The Public Sector Net Debt (DLSP), which corresponds to the balance between the total credits and debts of the federal, state and municipal governments, closed the month of May at R$ 5.3 trillion, which corresponds to 58.8% of GDP, with an increase of 0.5 percentage point in the month.

The General Government Gross Debt (GDBG) – which only accounts for the liabilities of the federal, state and municipal governments – reached R$ 7.1 trillion or 78.2% of GDP in May 2022, with a reduction of 0.8 percentage point of GDP in the month. With information from Agência Brasil.

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