Senate approves MP that regulates telework in Brazil

Senate approves MP that regulates telework and changes food aid rules
Plenary of the Federal Senate| Photo: Edilson Rodrigues/Agência Senado

The Federal Senate approved on the night of this Wednesday (3) the Provisional Measure (MP) 1.108/2022, which regulates teleworking and changes the rules for the payment of food aid. The text goes to presidential sanction.

The MP defines telework or remote work as the service provided outside the employer’s premises, without configuring external work. The working hours will be negotiated individually between the parties, and apprentices and interns can also carry out this practice.

Employees under this regime are subject to the provisions set forth in local legislation and collective agreements. The use of tools such as emails outside working hours will not be considered on-call and employers will have to give priority to this service for employees with children up to 4 years old.

As for the use of food aid by employees, the MP restricts its use in restaurants or in the purchase of foodstuffs in commerce. The justification is that this benefit is intended only for food-related products.

The text also prohibits companies from receiving discounts when hiring food ticket suppliers, and some employers currently obtain discounts in this hiring process.

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