STF will decide whether it is possible to review acquittals for murder

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) will judge at the end of August a lawsuit that could allow someone found guilty of intentional murder, but who has been acquitted in the jury court, to be tried again and eventually convicted of the crime.. This is an issue that divides the legal community, opposing the Public Ministry (MP) and the legal profession on the one hand. The MP understands that these acquittals lead to impunity for dangerous criminals. Already part of the lawyers consider that the jurors, even convinced that a defendant intentionally killed another person, can forgive him, out of compassion or pity, for example. The specific case to be analyzed involves the acquittal of a man who tried to kill another who was the confessed murderer of his stepson. Therefore, the jurors opted for pardon, even admitting that the attempted murder actually took place. The decision of the STF will have general repercussion, which means that the understanding to be signed will apply to all similar cases that are processed in the courts. According to data from the National Council of Justice (CNJ), there are at least 52 such cases awaiting a decision from the Supreme Court.

União Brasil announced that Mato Grosso do Sul senator Soraya Thronicke will be the party’s candidate in this year’s presidential elections.. The announcement was made at a press conference with the presence of federal deputy Luciano Bivar, national president of the legend, who last Sunday (31) announced the withdrawal of the candidacy for the presidency of the Republic. For Thronicke to be effectively the candidate of União Brasil, she needs to have her name approved at the party’s national convention, scheduled for this Friday (5). Although some segments of the party still show resistance to the candidacy, the vice president of the party, Antônio de Rueda, stated at the press conference that there is consensus within the party to confirm the candidacy. In his speech, Soraya said that the government plan that was built for Bivar’s candidacy remains, but with a “feminine touch”. The name of the vice-presidential candidate has not yet been defined.

Father Luiz Carlos Lodi, president of Pró-Vida Anápolis is featured in Editoria Vida e Cidadania. In 2020, he was ordered to pay compensation of almost R$400,000 to a family that was prevented from performing an abortion on a child after he filed a habeas corpus in favor of the baby. The girl had a severe disability and died an hour after giving birth. This week the priest was honored by the Chamber of Deputies. Access our website to read the interview and understand a little more about the fight against abortion.

An Argentine deputy from the Avança Liberdade party drew criticism by warning that the country will become “a gigantic slum” if it does not begin to “put some kind of control” on the birth rate, limiting social assistance plans and promoting measures educational and labor. According to him, the growth rate of the population of poor families is 4 to 5 times greater than that of the population of middle and upper middle classes. The deputy is also an economist and proposes auditing the social plans granted by the government and limiting those who have “two children and not more” to the Universal Benefit per Child (AUH), a monthly subsidy created in 2009 under Cristina Kirchner and who can be chosen by the father or mother of children under 18 and who is unemployed, whether informal worker, domestic service worker or low-income self-employed.

THE Thaméa Danelon’s reviewwhich talks about the filing, by the Attorney General’s Office, of requests made at the Covid CPI.

AND 6 Ways to Take Care of Your Relationship When Your Spouse Has an Intense Work Routine. Taking 10 minutes a day for the couple, texting throughout the day, keeping a shared calendar and planning to get out of the routine once in a while are some of them.

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