Concern over nuclear disaster in Ukraine after attacks on Zaporizhzhia power plant.| Photo: Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters

The director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (EAIA), Rafael Grossi, warned of the possibility of a nuclear disaster in Ukraine, due to the attacks on the Zaporizhzhia plant. In a statement, Grossi said he was concerned about the bombing last Friday (5), which could pose a threat to public health and the environment in the country.

Grossi also stated that there was no damage to the unit’s reactors and radioactivity emissions, but some imperfections were detected in other parts of the plant. He proposed that the AEIA carry out an inspection in the region, in order to avoid the disaster. Currently, the Zaporizhzhia plant is controlled by Russia. “I make a strong and urgent appeal to all parties to exercise the utmost restraint in the vicinity of this important nuclear facility”, expressed Rafael Grossi.