US Senate approves Sweden and Finland membership of NATO

The Capitol, seat of the United States House and Senate
The Capitol, seat of the United States House and Senate| Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The United States Senate approved this Wednesday (3) the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO, a decisive step in the American ratification of the access of both countries to the Western military alliance. The Senate approved the entry of the Nordic countries with 95 votes in favor and only one against.

The Senate also approved an amendment that declares that all NATO members must spend from 2024 a minimum of 2% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on defense and 20% of the defense budget on “core equipment, research and development”. ”.

On the other hand, the House rejected an amendment tabled by Republicans to prevent NATO’s commitment to defend its members from being placed above Congress’ power to authorize the use of military force.

The ratification process for new NATO members varies from country to country: in the United States, it requires the approval of two-thirds of the Senate and then the signature of the president.

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