What is the TSE working group against political violence

The president of the Superior Electoral Court, Edson Fachin, created a working group against political violence with the aim of “ensuring the full exercise of fundamental rights with security and peace in elections”. The work will be to reinforce investigations and punishments for three types of act, basically: aggression against political opponents, sabotage of female candidacies and unfounded accusation against the polls that may disrupt or discourage the exercise of the vote. The group will be formed by judges and civil servants of the Electoral Justice itself and will have 45 days to formulate studies, events and guidelines.

Petrobras announced a new reduction in the sale value of gasoline to distributors. The average price will go from R$3.86 to R$3.71. The reduction of R$ 0.15 takes effect from this Friday (29). Last week, the company had already announced a decrease of R$ 0.20 in the price charged to distributors. According to a company statement to the final consumer, the price will rise from R$ 2.81, on average, to R$ 2.70 for each liter sold at the pump. According to Petrobras, the reduction follows the evolution of international reference prices, which stabilized at a lower level for gasoline, and is consistent with Petrobras’ pricing practice, which seeks to balance its prices with the global market, but without the transfer to domestic prices of the cyclical volatility of international quotations and the exchange rate.

The Brazilian Association of Conservative Jurists (Abrajuc) disagreed with the arrests carried out by the Federal Supreme Court (STF), alleging, in a note, the disrespect for due process of law.. To Gazeta do Povo, Abrajuc stated that the text refers to the imprisonment of Ivan Rejane Fonte Boa, who threatened STF ministers and some members of the PT, and other political arrests. Abrajuc highlighted that the due process of law was not respected in the determination of the arrests and that the attack on the Democratic State of Law has been happening due to disrespect for the laws.

The Chinese dictator, spoke by phone with US President Joe Biden, and urged the United States to “accept the ‘one China principle’”, according to an official statement from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In recent days, tensions between Washington and Beijing have increased in the context of the possible trip to Taiwan by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. During the phone conversation, the first since March, the Chinese dictator reiterated China’s opposition to “Taiwan independence” and “external interference”. According to Chinese state media, he would have warned: “Whoever plays with fire ends up getting burned.” This week, a Chinese army spokesperson warned the US that Chinese forces “will not sit idly by” if the visit takes place. So far the trip, which would take place in August, according to the American press, has not been confirmed.

THE JR Guzzo’s reviewwho says that Minister Alexandre de Moraes did not like the drop in gasoline prices and is trying to get in the way.

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