What prevents good winds from offshore wind energy in Brazil

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After the energy crisis that Brazil faced in the last two years, looking at alternative sources has become essential to avoid a new scenario of shortages. And it was in the midst of this debate that the federal government published a decree to regulate the offshore wind energy explorationthat is, the one carried out on the high seas.

But, despite being an important advance to channel the equivalent of 50 Itaipus that are flying around, the sector points out that there is still a lot to be done to get the idea off the ground and worries about the possibility that these measures will not be put in place. into practice in time to take advantage of the international market boom. But what still needs to happen?

the podcast 15 minutes Today welcomes Cristina Seciuk, economics reporter for Gazeta do Povo, who describes the obstacles that still hamper the development of this area.

the podcast 15 minutes it is a space for discussion of important issues, always with the analysis and participation of the team of journalists from Gazeta do Povo. From Monday to Friday, in a light and dynamic way, with the duration that fits in the rush of your day. Presentation is by journalist Durval Ramos.

Datasheet: ’15 minutes’, Gazeta do Povo news podcast #Presentation and script: Durval Ramos; content direction: Rodrigo Fernandes; production team: Maria Eduarda Scroccaro mounting: Leonardo Bechtloff; distribution strategy: Marcus Ayres.

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