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Egyptian Space Agency is hopeful of developing 35 education satellites



The chief executive of the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA), Mohamed el Quosi, announced that the agency is working on the quest of developing 35 education satellites. The intention of these satellites is to enable the students, engineers, and specialists to conduct programming operations from their facilities in the country. Moreover, they hope to utilize the technology to control the satellites and open new ventures that the country can explore. Quosi outlined the plan in an educational meeting held this Monday. The meeting analyzed the possibility of cooperating with the Arabian agency to meet its space industry desires. This partnership would also help the country utilize Egypt’s experience in developing space resources and their skilled labor to improve their facilities in this sector.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Space Agency and EgSA partnered to organize the meeting as reported by the State Information Service. The meeting was held online via virtual technology to maintain the health regulations of preventing the coronavirus pandemic’s spread. The symposium happened a few hours before the country’s Hope Probe could arrive and lodge into Mars’s orbit. Hope Probe is a mission by UAE that started last year and has docked in the orbital path around Mars on February this year. The mission will study the red planet’s atmosphere and its gravitational momentum with the hope that it can utilize the data for future missions.

Last year, EgSA’s management revealed that the agency would be partnering with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in a $225000 project. A statement issued by the joint board facilitating this project outlined that the intention is to establish 35 educational small satellites to teach and educate the space engineers and interested individuals in Egypt about the new venture.

The project will train the recruits to run satellites, develop them, and operate in space. Quosi pointed out that Egypt has the utmost admiration for UAE, considering they have similar beliefs and hopes to emulate it in venturing space. The UAE Space Agency has proved that any country with the right technology and approach can enter space and even go further to explore the other components of the solar system. Egypt and other Arab-speaking nations will likely benchmark with UAE on the possible measures to implement to witness such success. Finally, the 35 educational satellites’ development will be an avenue for the Egyptian Space Agency to claw its marks into space operations and challenge the other rising nations in this field.

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