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One Year After Reconciliation Liam Payne And Maya Henry Are No Longer Together

Liam Payne and Maya Henry ended their engagement one year after they rekindled their romance.

Stack It, Up’s spokesperson revealed to Us Weekly that the duo is no longer together after photos surfaced of the musician with another woman. After the images were posted online, the truth came to light.

Liam Payne And Maya Henry Break Up After A Year Following His Photo With Another Women

The former member of One Direction can be seen hugging a woman from behind in photos posted to a fan account. The woman is discovered to be American model Aliana Mawla. In addition, there is a photo of the two of them holding hands. Mawla was recognized by Page Six as the subject of the story.

“I love all the fans so much, but please stop bringing me these images of fiancé wrapped around another woman,” Henry wrote in a remark that was later deleted. In order to know that something isn’t me, you have to be able to see it yourself.

Her message to the fan said, “That’s enough for now.”However, a source told the Daily Mail that Henry’s reference to the singer as his “fiancé” is “misleading” given the two of them broke up their engagement many weeks ago.

An insider tells a tabloid that Liam Payne and Maya Henry broke up more than a month ago, according to information from a source close to the issue. Maya’s claims that Liam is her fiancé are untrue and maybe deceitful, according to her assertions.

How long Payne And Henry Were Together?

In 2019, Payne and Henry made their relationship public, and in 2020, they became engaged. However, they parted ways in June of 2021, only to reunite a few months later.

Liam Payne and Maya Henry’s relationship has ended for the second time in the past three years, according to a spokesman for Liam.

Soon after Maya broke her silence over photographs that appeared to show Liam with his arms around another woman, the news of their separation was announced. Social media users are urged by the 22-year-old to “please stop posting these images of my fiancé wrapped around another lady” when a fan page reposts them and names them.

She said, “This is not me, and it is hard enough knowing that this has occurred without seeing it,” in the Instagram photo’s comments area. It’s time to call it a day.

The 28-year-old singer of the hit song “For You” began dating the model in 2019 and announced their engagement in August of that year.


Liam made an appearance on The Diary of a CEO podcast shortly after the separation. A former “not very good at relationships” man now seeks self-improvement prior to getting back into the dating scene. With his ex-girlfriend Cheryl Cole, Liam has a five-year-old kid, Bear.

Later that year, Liam and Maya decided to try again, and they announced their engagement once more.

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