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Man Shot Outside Brandon Westfield Mall Following An Altercation, Suspect In Custody

In one of the recent press releases, it was notified by the office that an altercation between the 19-year-old Quran Deandre and another man started inside a mall on Friday afternoon. It was just an argument that got converted into a fight and finally resulted in both men pulling out the guns and pointing them toward each other. One of them pointed out the gun and shot the other person, who was taken to the general hospital with a non-life-threatening injury. 

Suspect In Custody After Shooting Outside Brandon Westfield Mall 

It is important to mention that all of this has been able to depict the bad shape of law and order in the country. This is not a sign of a civilized community because a mall is where everyone goes, and carrying a gun to shoot every random person with whom a person gets into an altercation is unacceptable. Johnson, towards the other random man, triggered this gun, and it was only after that he was taken to the hospital for treatment so that he did not lose his life. 

Man Shot Outside Brandon Westfield Mall Following An Altercation

Further course of action 

To get hold of the entire situation, the police arrived on time, and the accused was arrested with the stolen car. It is important to mention that he has been charged with different offenses, Like second-degree murder, including aggravated battery with a Deadly weapon and even similar battery. The police officers have been able to arrest him because if that person were set out of the jail on every possible defense, then in such a situation, the life of the normal citizens would be put in danger, and the Government of any country and place cannot expect that to happen at any cost.

Important findings 

It is important to mention in the first place that violence is never an answer to any fight which is taking place. It is important to mention that over time, an attempt has been made to control all these kinds of events, but on the contrary, the incidence of all these kinds of happenings has increased to the maximum possible extent. This has been able to showcase the bad state of law and order in a country. Many critics have reported that if the situation is not prevented at the earliest, they will leave the city for safety because anybody can shoot them at any point.


The case has been filed against the accused, and the matter has been put up for trial before the court. Justice has to be provided to all the people who have been affected by this kind of incident as only as possible to establish once again that nothing is above the law. This is the only answer to all of these events, and hence this must take place as soon as possible so that every kind of speculation is put to rest concerning the unsafety of the place. It is important to mention that all of these kinds of events would be in a better position to promise a better result and also ensure trust in the judicial and administrative system.

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