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A Student From Westfield Technical Academy Took First Place In The State Championship For Diesel Equipment.

Students in the automotive technology program at Blandford High School were victorious in the state diesel technology competition held at SkillsUSA, winning a gold medal. Students Joshua Maillet (on the right) and Joshua Blalock (on the left) brought home the silver and bronze medals, respectively, in an academic competition. 

Westfield Technical Academy Student Wins Diesel Competition

Cooper is majoring in automotive technology. She will now be Massachusetts’ representative at the National Leadership and Skills Conference, which will occur in Atlanta, Georgia, from June 20 through June 24. You should be informed that we may receive a commission if you purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links.

Westfield Technical Academy Student Wins Diesel Competition

In the town of Westfield, located in New York, At the SkillsUSA state tournament held in Marlboro, there was an unprecedented number of senior students from Westfield Technical Academy who were awarded medals. At the national competition that will take place in Louisville, Kentucky, from June 19-23, Christian Verdon will win the gold medal in the Electrical Wiring category, and Kyle Hadley will win the gold medal in the Automotive Service category.

In the state competition for Industrial Motor Control, Verdon has been awarded the gold medal for the second time. He stated that the practical exam was very different from the one given the year before since students were asked to assemble an oil-burning water heater. “I couldn’t tell you what it was because we’d never seen anything like it in a retail establishment before.”

After being asked several questions by him, he claims that the judges discussed their decisions with the other contestants and shared their responses. Verdon states that just two of the twelve persons who began the project could see it through to its completion despite all of the strenuous efforts they put into it.  

Hadley, who was competing at the state level for the first time, was awarded the gold medal in Automotive Service. He was expected to diagnose three different vehicles and work at seven other stations to demonstrate his knowledge of repair processes and skills for his certification exam. Each contestant was required to do a simulated job interview to participate in the competition.

Hadley described the situation as being problematic. The competition was held on Friday, and the students spent the night in Marlboro so that they could watch it. The following day, they were given their awards and presented to commemorate the occasion. 

Hadley was awarded over $35,000 in educational scholarships and a pricey Snap-on Ratchet set as a prize for completing the application procedure. When it comes to Hadley’s future, he has everything mapped out exactly how it will go.

Dimitri Kostenko of the Construction Technology department was presented with a silver medal in the Carpentry category. In addition to that, we needed to have drywall, house wrap, and cedar shakes installed. According to Kostenko, there has been an increase in profitability over the past two years. 

As a gesture of gratitude, Doiron was presented with a set of Snap-on Screwdrivers and a couple of scholarships. After he receives his diploma, he plans to join his father’s business, Southwick Collision Center, as an employee full-time.

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