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Westfield Brandon Mall Shooting Suspect Is Arrested!!

Recently, the situation of law and order in the United Kingdom has been a lousy sheep altogether.

The Person Suspected Of Shooting At The Westfield Brandon Mall Has Been Arrested!!

The people have been in the position to gather courage and audacity, which is enough to prevent any crime in the media and in front of the public without the fear of getting caught by the police.

Westfield Brandon Mall Shooting Suspect Is Arrested

Something recently took place in the town of the United Kingdom that has shaken the conscience of the entire country. 

Factors To Be Taken Into Accord 

Only recently did an altercation occur between Johnson and a random person in a mall. Finally, this situation worsened, so Johnson had to take out the gun to shoot the other person. This is one of the most important factors that has been highlighted in the recent 24 hours because this is a matter of audacity that in a public place, a random person is taking out a gun to shoot the other person to win a fight.

This is unacceptable and hence represents the lousy shape of law and order. All of this has to be consoled at the earliest to teach the world a lesson that such kind of incident would not be tolerated at all and would be prevented with a sufficient amount of stringency of law.

Issue And Way Forward 

To control the situation, the deputies of the place where the incident(Westfield Brandon Mall Shooting) occurred have finally arrested the suspect and taken the same into custody. This kind of Investigation was essential to allow the world to have faith in the country’s justice and feel protected.

This was one of the most critical incidents that must be remembered at every cost. The suspect was arrested immediately on the spot, and an attempt was made to send him behind the Jail as soon as possible to teach him that things don’t work this way. 

No person has the right to injure another person, even with a non-life-threatening injury. The situation has to be controlled over time, and all of this would not be acceptable in any country where civil order is being maintained.

If incidents like this continue to occur, then the day is not far away when every small argument will result in causing a tremendous amount of assassination and killings without any reason. That is why teaching a lesson to All those who decided to violate the law and took the same into their own hands was essential for maintaining future peace. 


The person who has been sent to Jail has been booked for the different types of offenses like battery, attempt to murder, extortion, and causing a nuisance in a public place.

He will soon get produced before the magistrate, and the trial would begin in which he might get punished or acquitted depending upon the presentation of the case before the judge. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to note the future course of action and ultimately weigh the decision of the judge in which the rights of everyone would be taken into consideration and protected.

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