October 18, 2021

The U.S. Space Force unveils its ranking structure

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The United States’ recent military branch has decided to head to the public outcry over its clandestine operations that have rendered it less useful in the military operations instead of what it was developed to perform. Experts stated that the people felt cheated over this unit’s development, which appears to be inactive.

The U.S. Space Force has not marketed itself as it should gain public interest. Due to such statements, the military wing has decided to give the public a test of its essence by publicizing its ranking system just like the other military units have done. The officers who volunteered to work with the program and other personnel recruited will be given ranks in order of the responsibilities that they will be taking care of and those who they will be reporting to in the structure. Many of the titles have been scoped from the U.S. Air Force, with a few changes here and there for differentiation.

The four junior ranks which Air Force terms as “airman” will be changing to “specialist” in the Space Force, which is just a twist that eventually goes back to the U.S. Army. The new ranking system took effect yesterday and has greatly disappointed William Shatner. Shatner expressed his fury over the lack of originality for this military wing projecting that it would use the Navy ranks for the Space Force personnel. Shatner noted that there are both colonels and captains in the Space Force, which demeans the changing of the military wing’s name to Space Force. Shanter is among the Americans who think that Space Force should be unique to instill its potential as a capable military wing in the US’s security sector.

Not long ago, the Space Force stated that anyone serving in the agency would be called a Guardian. This name was first addressed to the veteran Air Force agent who defected to the news agency, saying that he is voluntarily becoming one of its personnel. This name appears to mimic the movie version of the story, making it monotonous and less respectful since the government cannot think of better ranks and names to allocate its newest military unit. Nevertheless, it is better to have a name that denotes the personnel and what they do in the military agency. For example, Sailor – Navy, Coast Guardsman – Coast Guard, Airman – Air Force and Soldier – Army. The U.S. Space Force has a lot of work to do to convince its citizens that their monies are supporting a noble course.

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