Protium Green Solutions secures a seven-figure funding in its second round

This funding was completed barely a year after the first round. The first round raised approximately £70,000. The second funding has amounted to a seven-figure value which the UK hydrogen energy services company is delighted about. The money will be used to expand its projects and pipeline network. This expansion will scale up UK’s investments towards the net-zero carbon emission goal. The UK seeks to eradicate the use of non-renewable energy in locomotion, heat energy production, and electricity generation.

Protium has gained popularity recently due to the company’s technical know-how and quality services. It is one of the most sought after hydrogen firms in the UK. Protium’s clients include companies in the aviation sector, food and beverage manufacturers, horticultural; firms, and alcohol brewers and distillers. All these companies rely on Protium’s technology to meet their set targets sustainably.

The UK has shown a relentless ambition to reduce the carbon emissions from its energy supply. This funding will be one step forward towards realizing this goal as collaboration with Protium and other stakeholders. In its focus on advancing its acumen, Protium has appointed two new additions to its board. These are Elaine Wong and Peter Ramm. Wong works with Hydrogen Capital Partners. Ramm, an energy expert, will also act as Protium’s Chief Project Development Officer. The duo has notable expertise in the power and energy sector. They will add to Protium’s market expertise and help maintain the company’s position as the leading hydrogen firm.

The two will add to the existing board members. These are Chris Jackson, Pascal Penicaud, Marco Dell ‘Aquila, and Michael Jackson. Protium has also hired three additional employees to join the team. These are Vicky Paley, Alicia Buck, and Dr. Jenifer Baxter, who worked as Protium advisor. Paley is the new Lead Project Manager. Buck will act as the firm’s Project Analyst. Dr. Baxter will serve Protium from Wales as the Project Manager and the Head of Regulations. The three will join the team in its pipeline project to help advance Protium’s influence in the UK.

In a statement, Protium’s CEO Chris Jackson said the company is thrilled by the latest developments. “We are delighted to complete another successful funding round and thrilled to welcome our new board members, Elaine and Peter. Protium continues to grow as an industry leader, and the confidence our investors and new employers have shown in us as a business demonstrates the bright future ahead for the business.”

Protium has signed a feasibility assessment agreement with a UK manufacturing operator to study the risks and benefits of a green hydrogen fuel switch. Protium has conducted a similar test to study the use of hydrogen as a source of heat at Bruichladdich Distillery. The company will also work with the ZeroAvia to build and extend Renewable Hydrogen systems across the UK.

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