Bolsonaro promises to update income tax table in 2023

Paulo Guedes and Bolsonaro during a press conference in June 2022.
Bolsonaro said he agreed with Paulo Guedes to update the income tax table| Photo: Edu Andrade/Ascom/ME

President Jair Bolsonaro, candidate for re-election by the PL, promised that the Income Tax table will be updated in 2023, if he wins the October elections. The campaign promise was made in an interview with Radio Guaíbafrom Rio Grande do Sul, this Tuesday (2).

In the 2018 campaign, Bolsonaro had already said that he would correct the IR table , but, according to him, this was not possible due to the pandemic. But now the PL candidate has said that the issue has already been settled with Paulo Guedes, Minister of Economy.

“It has already been discussed with Paulo Guedes. There will be an update of the Income Tax table for the next year. It’s already guaranteed. I don’t know the percentage yet, but let’s start recovering it from there. Because it’s actually becoming an income reducer. And not a table,” Bolsonaro said in an interview with Radio Guaíba.

Currently, the tax is levied on those who received taxable income above R$ 28,559.70 or on those who received exempt, non-taxable or taxed exclusively at source income above R$ 40,000.00, according to the Federal Revenue Service.

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